Alexander Faulkner

Alexander Faulkner Partnership have collectively decades of experience with creating management strategies and service charge budgets for Developers, House Builders and Registered Providers. We are acutely aware of the potential that a poorly created management approach can leave Developers with legacy issues that impact upon their reversionary values. During construction it is key to mitigate voids whilst always keeping service charges for residential leasehold units fair and reasonable. Our services cover the following elements of work:-

  • Provide added value advice from planning to completion
  • Advice on complex residential and regeneration schemes
  • Property management structures with cohesive and sustainable frameworks
  • Multiply service charges schedules for equitable communal charges
  • Calculating realistic service charge budgets and accurate apportionments for expected liabilities
  • Liaison with Developer’s legal team for appropriate Lease clauses and TP1’s
  • Mitigation of void liabilities
  • Residents Welcome Packs
  • Travel Plan co-ordination
  • Sale of Freehold Reversion interests.


Alexander Faulkner Partnership