Property Management

Alexander Faulkner Partnership competitively tenders all insurance policies for its clients, through experienced, London insurance brokers in order to obtain the most competitive rates of cover and comprehensive benefits.

It is essential that comprehensive cover is obtained, to include standard building perils, as well as Terrorism, Public Liability and Employer’s Liability. The policy covers extensions such as communal contents, loss of rent and provision of alternative accommodation. A complete range of policies can be placed on behalf of our clients; –

  • Public Liability Insurance designed to protect members of the public injured or affected by an accident or occurrence on private land.
  • Building Insurance to cover the fabric of the building insured. The policy also provides full terrorism cover and includes Landlords’ common parts fittings. A copy of the standard Zurich Policy is available as a download.
  • Terrorism Insurance protects the building against acts of terrorism where ordinarily the Building Insurance policy would not provide cover.
  • Legal Expenses Insurance meets the cost of the Landlord in defending any applications made to the First Tier Tribunal by the occupier. Please see the attached download.
  • Engineering Insurance can provide cover for Damage as a result of accidental damage, breakdown and/or explosion/collapse. In effect Engineering insurers normally provide cover for sudden and unforeseen damage.
  • Director and Officers Insurance provides cover to the Directors of the Management Company against a range of potential legal actions whilst carrying out their duties. Please see the attached download.


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